Chang Tachaphon, Thai CG Artist who designed the lighting in Spider-Verse and world-class animation from Sony.

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last month If anyone has gone to see a movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse or Spider-Verse 2 You probably already know that this movie is not a prevalent animation that can be found anywhere. In other words, none of the parts fit the definition of normality better.

Concept – Satisfied with the universe of hundreds and thousands of Spiderman Weaved together into one mellow plot

Sequence of shots – 1 sec changes for an unknown number of shots. Makes the audience both drunk and it’s all at the same time.

Visual style – because of its various dimensions Make a variety of styles beyond the imagination of the audience as well

in those awesomeness There is a Thai person behind the lighting. The essential steps to perfecting a movie Access to the Multiverse and the intense emotions of the characters as well.

he is Chang-Tatchaphol Lertvirojkul An architecture student who grew up in Computer Art in the United States. He owns the CG and visual effects office Chaya Pictures. He has worked for Sony Pictures Studio for a number of films including: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)Alice in Wonderland (2010)Hotel Transylvania (2012)The Angry Birds Movie (2016)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

Here are the adventures of Chang from living in Thailand to studying in New York. There are many world-class job opportunities. with highlights behind the scenes Spider-Verse Both sectors, he told us that since working Nothing is more challenging than this. If there is anything that can beat the champion, it’s part 3, which will only happen in the future!

To be a legend, you have to dare to tear up the original framework.

we used to talk to Donna DOF went last year Ek is an architect boy who pioneered computer presentations, but he is not that alone. If when growing up, they can be dispersed well in the right way for themselves.

After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University for just one week. Chang and Ek decided to open an office to do 3D boldly. He was an architect at A49 for 2 years as well, a very energetic new graduate.

to the point where I have to continue my studies He sat and thought to himself which subject was suitable for him. and which path he will choose to walk in life

“We knew what would happen if we studied architecture. We knew very well because we had lived with it for 5 years,” Chang said with a smile.

2004, the time when Finding Nemo Pixar’s is getting popular, so he decides to pack his bags. Say goodbye to Bangkok Went to study computer art in New York, the city of dreams of people around the world. and ended up doing an advertising agency for a while

“I joined Sony in 2008,” Chang said of the start of his great adventure.

The first thing that he showed his skill was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) But for many reasons both the original plan both fans who are waiting to meet Soon he returned to Thailand.

Until the stressful situation caused by the great flood in 2011, Chang packed his bags again with his partner. This time it’s a Show Base (Project Base, but here’s a movie called Show).

look from an outsider’s point of view We think he made the right decision. Think how many people will have the opportunity to be a part of this world-class creative event? If we were his two sons and daughters, we would be very proud. and showing friends to three houses and eight houses

Such is the day for lighting designers.

“At Sony, we are now CG Artist, and the name of the position is Senior Lighting Technical Director,” said Chang.

“When I just entered We have to learn a whole new program. Because he uses his In House program.” It’s not like having a late school and experience working in other offices will make it possible for you to work with Sony.

We talked as alumni that the faculty would have the first night of the first day of the semester as a welcome night. Because the teacher will order a large sheet of drawings for us to do and deliver the next day. By the end of the night, we’re going to use all the tools. Sony is similar. It takes an elephant two months before it starts to understand, master it, and start putting creativity into it.

“When I was at an advertising agency I do everything because one project has not many people. In the older generation, he is called Generalist, but when it comes to Sony, there are thousands in one movie. Each person’s position is specific. This person does Lighting only. This person does Animation only. This person does Model only.”

Chang tells us the process of working slowly that before reaching the Lighting department, the work must pass through the Animation department, who is responsible for making the models move. And through the creation of the Look Development department, which is responsible for making the models have real materials, both colors and textures. Whether it’s character clothes or other objects like sofa fabric

And the lighting department will take the role of placing the light from the first bead, i.e. setting the key lighting until completing it into the final image. In any scene that is easy, let Junior do it. Any scene that defeats a master has to rely on Mid and Senior respectively.

“If it was when we were doing a thesis or doing an advertising company If you want to solve it, it’s not difficult to solve. because we do it all alone But here we have to send back to other departments too. Maybe wait a week before coming back.”

What are some basic lighting design principles – we asked.

“We have to look at where the light should reach in order to be just right. The face is beautiful. The part that is not exposed to the sunlight must be spread to still see the shape of the object,” he replied.

“If it’s an emotional shot You have to take your emotions as the main ones, be scary, excited, shocked, happy. These will come out with Lighting and the final picture. But if some shots are normal operations not having a lot of emotions It still has to be a beautiful continuation from the rest of the story.”

which Spider-Verse It can be called ‘breaking all the rules’ of lighting design ever. Chang’s team had to set up realistic lighting first, then add some Creative Input to it.

Introduce enough as a dipping sauce. Let’s listen to him tell Spider-Verse Both 2 parts are full in the next part better.

Behind the eyes of making Spider-Verse both sectors

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

while in the process of making The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Rest in peace, the CEO at Sony also announced at a monthly meeting that he would Spider-Man In the form of 2D animation came out.

Chang, who is a movie fan Spiderman anyway, would be happy with this project But even so, I couldn’t help but doubt it anyway.

“I’m like… it’s going to be interesting?” he hesitated. “I imagined it being a Comic that aired on Cartoon Network. I don’t know how interesting it would be.”

graduated from Angry Birds He returned to Thailand in order. Until one day the Trailer of Spider-Verse Published (Usually the production team will pull out some shots to make a Trailer first, with the other 99% of the movie not finished) He was so interested that he had to email to ask a friend in the production team. and eventually became part of the team

“It’s a hard job as well. Spider-Verse There is a new visual language unlike any other. And there is a pre-project trend unlike other projects too. Spider-Verse All conceived by the R&D (Research and Design) department.”

to say that the movie but the first part is still tolerable because overall there is only one style in the movie

They choose to use the color shift method to make the colors go beyond the edges like when reading a comic. Which the closer the object is to the camera, the more the color shift will be heavier according to the distance, and the style of each character has been determined since the comics.

“The main thing that the Lighting team had to think about was to turn the abstract Mood into a final image,” concludes Chang.

and the first part of Spider-Man The 2D edition was a great success. Much more fun than the first picture that the elephant thought in his head.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

“Part 2 is a lot more difficult” Just the elephant intro, you can already feel the fun.

“Lately, near the end of part 1, we have been used to the equipment for 8 – 9 months, so it doesn’t take long per 1 shot. I used to do up to 9 shots per week, but part 2 is 3 weeks 1 shot. O

What makes it difficult is the style that has changed. If in that shot there was only Miles in Miles’ world. An elephant can say ‘pig’, but the problem is that it’s not like that. This part has more and more complex verses. It also had to design a style for each character that was clearly different.

“Miguel is the protagonist of this installment. The details were so special.” Chang opened with a recount of Miguel O’Hara.

Miguel’s world is sci-fi, styled with copic markers that go deeper and darker. Based on old sci-fi movies that used Copic to sketch.

Miguel’s shirt was no ordinary shirt. If it’s a laser that runs all the time Although the movie is so fast that the viewers like us can’t catch up, but actually the team is doing it almost blindly. Just the scene where Miles sucks energy from Miguel’s shirt. And the shirt was broken into pixels, it took 2 months already.

There is also a Rim Light technique used to destroy the edges of images in Miguel’s Verse, which Chang said requires a lot of power.

“The Hobie part is the hardest. The most complicated Because in this part it appears only one, that’s why he dares to do it. The Hoby he refers to is Hobart Brown, also known as Spider-Punk.

The design team interpreted Hobie’s rebellion into Collage Art, which although this style has been in the comics. Originally, it was not advanced in size in animation. Chang even said that this was the character that would have the most problems in the next part. Just the shot standing behind Peter Parker would have taken a long time, but this part 3 will need Hoby’s Verse.

He also described the Go Home Machine used to send the Spiders back to his Verse, calling it the ‘difficult shot’ of the movie. “The audience may not find it difficult. But it takes a long time to set up to get that look. It’s like a mortar going up a mountain. When I opened the file, everyone was shocked that Oh, is this a lot?

Before the end of the story Spiderman We asked the question that we had been thinking since we knew we were going to talk to the film crew – do you really believe in parallel universes?

“I believe it 100 percent,” Chang replied promptly. “I’m crazy about physics. There are gaps in physics that make possible. I read the work of Stephen Hawking talking about the wormhole theory

“in the movie Spider-Verse made for entertainment But there is part of the truth which leads us to believe that it is possible.”

skin Spiderman This installment spends almost every minute telling the story of a parallel universe. In which the essence of that idea leads to a visual style, light, color, sound, which is far more advanced than normal animation that has ever been seen. Who hasn’t seen it yet? I have to go and collect it.

Life has to be traded for movies to watch.

“I’ve never seen a movie as fun as before.”

In exchange for the invaluable experience of working globally. Chang has lost the enjoyment of watching movies like ordinary people. When watching a movie, they will find fault with CG and see where is the junction between CG and the real thing. When watching animation, they will sit and look at the lighting.

But even so, there are movies that fascinate him and completely forget the worker’s hat. Top Gun: Maverick, Gravity Falls or Wall•E Which is his favorite movie at Pixar.

“I like everything. Wall•E So, normally, I like Sci-fi already. It’s very difficult to make world building believe that our world is like that. because the area is large But this is very well done.”

Chang has the opportunity to work both in Thailand and abroad. He saw that the animation industry of the two places was still very different. The purpose of opening the Chaya Pictures office in Thailand is to achieve the same quality work as abroad by doing both CG and visual effects like Sony does.

Chaya Pictures currently produces animation for both Thailand and China. If it’s Thai, there’s a story. Hanuman Mantra Warrior which is partially done for RiFF Studio, is coming to theaters later this year. The Lake Monster movie released last year Which won the Best Visual Effect award, and there are also 2 other movies that made the camp Streaming famous

When we asked what he meant by ‘different’? He spoke of the lack of government support. because in craftsmanship Nowadays, more and more Thais are starting to work abroad and come back to share their knowledge. The quality has improved until it’s called the right place.

“At present, I have never encountered anything more difficult than doing. Spider-Verse So, if part 3 started today, you would have pulled the five rivers to tell yourself that you wouldn’t go back and do it. Because it’s both fun and painful. But if it’s another 3 months, then that suffering will be forgotten.” Chang laughed, really wanting to give him a challenge-loving medal.

“I think part 3 will be more difficult than part 2. They will push the bar until the mercury breaks. And I’m confident that no one will do it like Sony again after part 3, he won’t continue. because it uses very high resources

“There is one fun fact that he said last week before the event. He said that if 1 person can do everything from start to finish The first part will take 4,500 years to complete, and the second part will take 7,500 years.”

Thank heavens for having a team of thousands of people. We’ll be able to see part 3 in a few years. You don’t have to wait ten thousand years!

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